Welcome to a journey of beauty like no other.

At EVAS, this journey is defined by 'EPIC' - 

our foundational pillars of Passion, International Beauty, and being Challengers. 

These principles guide us as we lead new trends in the beauty industry and provide a more beautiful world for everyone.




At the heart of EVAS lies a genuine passion for beauty. This passion is reflected in every product we create, our innovations, and every interaction with our customers. It is the driving force behind our relentless exploration and creation of new beauty.



EVAS embraces the beauty of the world. Inspired by diverse cultures and traditions, we lead international beauty trends and help everyone discover and express their unique beauty.


With a spirit that fears neither change nor innovation, EVAS aims to transcend the limits of the beauty industry. By breaking existing conventions and exploring new possibilities, we shape the future of beauty.

Beyond the journey of beauty, EVAS is with you.