Our Brands

Since 1974 EVAS
Through clean cosmetics, we enhance the health of all life and the vitality of the Earth.

EVAS: Beauty that Revives Life.


 Resembling the clear and deep breath of nature, Fraijour contemplates and researches upright naturalistic skincare. Just like nature that prefers emptiness over overflowing, humility over height, we guide our skin to become more natural, following a slow but correct path, choosing simplicity over abundance.


VALMONA is a naturalistic hair clinic brand that immerses you in a unique ritual experience. It strives for a balance between 'the innate vitality of nature' and the advancements of cosmetic science. It researches innovative eco-friendly formulations that go beyond temporary softness to fundamentally improve hair structure, offering sustainable health to your hair..


ROSEMINE: Elegance in Every Essence A timeless, beautiful fragrance Fills every moment of your daily life with an artistic scent. Make every moment special with Rosemine. Brings a soft touch and a refreshing mood to your everyday.


A pause in the daily routine, Resting in the comfort of fragrant scents Bathpa's botanical home spa recipes We believe in the power of plant-based aromas. The scents of nature breathe new vitality into our bodies and minds, offering deep tranquility.


The pleasure of sophisticated and sensual scents Enhanced value through selective and exclusive rarity. In the journey of sensual scents, where boldness and pride coexist, Born out of innovation that transcends boundaries and meticulous quality control, We offer a premium perfume life.


A brand that thinks only of your feet is essential. The delicate care for the unseen parts perfectly completes you! Our feet face the rough and tough world every day. With Bordo, step into the world in the best condition at every moment


The cheerful and bright scents of ROERANCE bring fragrant moments to your life. Be accompanied by delightful fragrances. Make every moment of your daily life shine even brighter. An ordinary day becomes a precious and shining memory.


Trustworthy cleanliness, Pedison, supports a healthy life and daily routine. We encourage everyone to love their own body and support living a healthy life. A body & hair care brand that delivers daily health and well-being.


Harness the power of Moroccan Argan for an intensive nutrition clinic care for damaged hair, giving it health and radiant shine. Experience each strand becoming stronger, brighter, and full of life with healthy hair.


Cera Clinic is a dermaceutical brand that offers scientific solutions for sensitive skin and damaged hair. Through the power of proven ingredients, it brings meaningful change to both skin and hair. Considering each individual's unique skin and hair condition, it proposes customized care that awakens the skin's inherent strength and delivers natural beauty.